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Forum for people committed to the EEO investigation process and real conversations.

About Us

Amediate, LLC is a small woman-owned business offering consultant services in conflict management at every level throughout an organization by designing and facilitating customized systems that support a self mediating environment. 


Why You Should Join Us

We created the Amediate EEO Plus as a resource for EEO Investigators and others engaged in the EEO investigation process. This includes public and private HR Professionals, EEO Investigators, and independent/contract EEO Investigators.

Join Amediate EEO Plus to engage in real conversations around EEO investigations, stay current through regular legal updates, complete 2-hour refresher training to maintain your MD-110 certification, and learn from expert EEO Professionals.  With over 25 years of experience, Sharon Harrington will serve as your forum founder and facilitator. She will conduct live sessions where you will glean directly from her experience and expertise.

Included in Your Membership

  • Discount on refresher courses required for EEOC* MD-110 Certification 
  • SHRM Credits for courses 
  • Professional peer-to-peer conversations around EEO topics
  • Special guest presentations covering: 
    • Title VII 
    • Legal updates 
    • Investigative report writing 
    • Q & A w/ experienced EEO investigators

Client Comments

“Well worth the time spent.” 

“I would recommend this course to others.” 

“Group interaction and venue set-up were great.” 

“Sharing among peers was invaluable.” 

“The guest speakers brought valuable depth.” 

"We brought our whole team." 

"The job aid was amazing. I won't start an investigation without it."